Welcome, my name is Lauren. Make yourself comfortable and feel free to browse my blog. I am a writer of questionable talent and a book connoisseur with a habit of buying more books than I ever get around to reading.

Every year, I talk about the Hugo Awards and do my own Book Bingo Challenge. I have a custom card maker that will fill a card from a list of over 200 challenges. I’m happy to make and share more cards to anyone who is interested. Most of the books I read for this challenge will be reviewed on my blog… probably. If you would like to see everything I’m reading, feel free to add me as a friend on Goodreads, where I post under the name L. Jayde

I’ve been making up stories ever since I can remember, and after spending a few years reviewing other people’s stories I really want to write my own. I’ve found that writing stories is a lot of fun and really rewarding, but sharing them is harder. The thought of other people reading my work is terrifying, which I know is a silly, self-defeating way to think about it. So new rule, from now on, I have to be brave and actually share things I write. No more just talking about my plans.

I also do a range of visual arts, from drawing to 3D modelling. I’ve been having a bit of an art slump for way too long, but feel free to check out my poorly neglected DeviantArt.