My Stories

Here you will find a few of my short stories. Or links to short stories that I have published elsewhere.

Blog Exclusive Short Stories

The following stories have been written exclusively for this blog, and cannot be read anywhere else.


The 2058 Coober Pedy Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics. A remote town in the middle of the desert. Experimental weather control technology. What could possibly go wrong?

Published 2016. Art by Zwei

Cat and Bomb

Nine Lives, Two Billion Deaths

A flash fiction piece about the apocalypse seen through the eyes of nine cats.

Published 2020. Both story and art are mine.




Six Big Do Nots of Earth Tourism

Humans have found intelligent life out in space and are slowly joining the Galactic Commonwealth. After everything that has happened on our planet, would aliens even be interested in visiting us?

Published 2020.

Reedsy Writing Prompt Stories

I’m a member of the writing community at Reedsy, and regularly participate in the site’s weekly writing prompt challenge. Please click the banner below to see my profile and read my stories.

At current, I have six stories on my Reedsy profile. All are between 1,000 and 3,000 words, and were written in under a week in response to prompts from the Reedsy Prompt Challenge.

When I started doing these challenges, I didn’t think I would actually be very good at it. I’d always had trouble doing short stories, as I like to add in as much detail as I can. I also get terrified at the thought of sharing my work, and edit anything I do write for months on end until I satisfy the terrified perfectionist within. These contests have been very therapeutic for me, proving that I can come up with good stories and just write it all down, and that I don’t have to be perfect. Of course, I’ll strive to make everything else on this page as perfect as possible.

Here is the current list of stories on my Reedsy Profile. I’m actually quite pleased with how some of these turned out.

The Know-It-All

Prompt: Write about someone who has a superpower

Seb is a teenager who can read minds. So far, this has bought him nothing but trouble. All he has left in the world is his best friend Khalid, but Seb knows that the true extent of his powers would ruin even this friendship.

Ground Beneath My Feet vs. Ground Up In The Sky

Prompt: Every year, one person is sent to the moon. This year, though you hid in terror, it is your turn to enter the rocket.

A terrified child must learn to change the way she sees the world before she is sent to the moon.

The Broken Heart Pendant

Prompt: Write a story about high school sweethearts coming across one another after many, many years apart.

Tara has lived her whole life maintaining the spaceship that carries the cryogenically frozen survivors of Earth to a new world. When the ship lands, Tara is greeted by a familiar face from her past, who hasn’t aged a day.

” – Don’t Worry About That, Just Go.”

Prompt: Write a story that either starts or ends with someone asking, “Can you keep a secret?”

A gruesome little  dialog only story about two dumb kids breaking into a haunted house and finding more trouble than they bargained for.

The Deinonychus Empress in Chicxulub

Prompt: Write a story about someone who travels to the future, and isn’t happy about how they’ve been remembered.

The Empress of the Deinonychus dinosaurs has built a glorious empire that will last forever. Now at the end of her life, she uses an experimental time machine to go forward 65 million years to see what her empire has become, and how it has remembered her.


Prompt: Write about a character preparing to go into stasis for decades (or centuries).

The Last Human on Earth has a plan to bring back the human race. She also has Goldie, a good dog who depends on her. Will the Last Human have to choose between these two duties?

Other Tidbits

The MouseLauren+Emblem+New+Helmet+v2

I don’t really consider this one of my short stories. One day my Aunty shared a science fiction story I told her when I was very little. Turns out she wrote it down, and I thought it was cute enough to share.